White River Junction, VT 05001   

White River Junction, Vermont Tenant Credit Report Screening

White River Junction rental property needs to be protected and the best way is by screening your tenants. A tenant background check can often reveal a bad credit score and derogatory information such as a collection account, landlord judgment, eviction, criminal record, bankruptcy filing and more. Learn about the many ways to screen renters in your area. Worried about the cost of a report? You can always charge an application fee to cover your expenses. Get to know your applicant before its too late.

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1.   Am I living next to a registered sex offender?
2.   Can private landlords screen tenants too?
3.   How can I find out the owner & value of a home?
4.   Where can I obtain a copy of my driving record?
5.   What screening tools are available to employers?

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