Layton, UT 84040   

Layton, Utah Tenant Credit Report Screening

Layton rental property needs to be protected and the best way is by screening your tenants. A tenant background check can often reveal a bad credit score and derogatory information such as a collection account, landlord judgment, eviction, criminal record, bankruptcy filing and more. Learn about the many ways to screen renters in your area. Worried about the cost of a report? You can always charge an application fee to cover your expenses. Get to know your applicant before its too late.

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1.   Am I living next to a registered sex offender?
2.   Can private landlords screen tenants too?
3.   How can I find out the owner & value of a home?
4.   Where can I obtain a copy of my driving record?
5.   What screening tools are available to employers?

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